Wildcats CAN

Hannah Hardy, Jacob DeVilder, Avery Smith, and Camille Smith
Hannah Hardy, Jacob DeVilder, Avery Smith, and Camille Smith

Wildcats CAN is our civic project to fill the local Tucker County Food bank.  As you may know, Super Storm Sandy and last year’s terrible wind storm caused massive power outages with left people with no food and little option for water or other basic necessities.  TVEMS is going to FILL that food bank.  Here are the details of our campaign.
1.     Each grade level has a buggy.  This buggy was donated by Shop-n-Save.  Shop-n-Save is our partner in this wonderful project.
2.     We are asking each grade level to bring in canned goods.  Please be sure to only bring in canned goods, as they have a longer shelf-life and store better.
3.     The campaign began Oct. 9, 2013.
4.     The carts may be decorated by the grade levels in such a way that represents Healthy Foods.  So the theme for the campaign is Healthy Foods.
a.    The decorations need to be such at the carts are not damaged and easily removed.  We need to be sure that we return the carts to the store in excellent condition.
5.     The contest will end on October 31.  The winning grade level will win a wonderful prize.  Winners will be announced on the day of our Halloween/Fall Harvest/Hollapoluza.