From Paints to Pets

tucker county animal shelter
Leonard Nestor, owner of Wicked Creations

Leonard Nestor, life long resident of Parsons, has put his talents to work for the community. Nestor lives directly across from the Tucker County Animal Shelter and sees people coming and going from the facility all the time. Nestor said, “I see people coming into volunteer all the time, walking dogs, cleaning kennels and helping any way they can. I decided I needed to do something to help too.”

“People stop at my shop thinking it is the office for the shelter,” said Nestor, “So, I thought I would make the sign and point everyone in the right direction.” He works at his airbrush business, Wicked Creations, painting everything from mail boxes to T-shirts. So the sign was right up his alley.

Nestor put his longtime passion of airbrushing to work and created the new sign at the entrance of the TCAS. He says when he was hurt in an accident a few years ago, the community helped him out greatly, so now he wants to give back in the same manner.

Wicked Creations is located on Fork Mountain, in Parsons. You may reach Nestor by calling 304-614-2423.