West Virginia Author Visits Local Schools


Tucker County Schools, Title I program teamed up with Award winning author Melinda Chambers recently to enhance the literary process of writing for students.  Chambers, who was featured on Lifetime TV, has received five, “Mom’s Choice” awards, was honored with a medal at the International Children’s Literary Classic Award Ceremony and was first in the Reader’s Choice.  Her books are on display and sold at Tamarack, The Greenbrier, and numerous State Parks throughout West Virginia and can be found on Amazon and other book entities.

Students from Davis Thomas and Tucker Valley Schools were given the opportunity to visit with the author and learned the process of how a book originates from a life experience to an idea that is penned to paper and the process from paper to printing.  They were able to hear about the ideas behind each of her books and how the beautiful illustrations were added to each.  She also did a reading of her book; We Are Whoo We Are which uses woodland creatures, in this case the wise owl, to help children understand that we all face roadblocks in life, but in the end, must make positive choices for ourselves. Chambers’ books use inspiration from nature, intended for “children of all ages” as a parable for many of life’s important lessons.  After the sessions she was able to take time to autograph a few books for students.  Upon, Chambers, departing she left with a positive statement, “I had an awesome time with the students and staff and hope to visit again.”