Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefit Program

Did you know that as a Veteran or a spouse of a veteran that you may be eligible for benefits under the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefit program?
Veteran’s Aid
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This benefit is in place to help offset the cost of assisted living facilities for war-time veterans and/or surviving spouse. This pension allows a veteran and/or a surviving spouse who needs assistance in their daily living skills (i.e. Eating, bathing, dressing med passes, etc.) or they have medical, physical, or physiological needs that may hinder them from being capable of meeting their daily living skills.

This benefit is one of our best kept secrets. Very few people know they are entitled to it. These very important benefits often are overlooked by family members who may be struggling with the cost of placing their loved one in an assisted care home. You should also know that most facilities will work with families when they know the resident will qualify for A&A.

To qualify, a veteran need not have suffered a service-related injury. These benefits are not insignificant (benefits vary). Eligibility consists of any war time veteran with 90 days of active duty. One day beginning or ending during the period of war. A surviving spouse is described as; when the marriage ended due to the death of a veteran. Qualifications also include financial and medical guidelines set forth by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

The department does not reveal maximum allowable assets. But $80,000 (the house and a car are exempt from this total) is pretty much in the ballpark; though someone with more assets can still qualify if expenses are high. Also, please be aware that processing the application may take up to ten months. Fortunately, if approved benefits are retrievable from the original filing date. Should the applicant be 90 years or older you may request (in writing) that the process be expedited.

If you are interested in knowing more in regards to A&A benefits, I would suggest visiting your local office located in the Elkins Regional Airport Building or calling their office at 304-637-0235. They will assist you in regards to the documentation you will need to begin the process. You can also visit the Veterans A&A website: http:/

 Submitted By Sheila Marshall