Upgraded Davis bus stops constructed by Rubenstein cadets


The crew of cadets with their finished product.

Cadets in the Rubenstein Center’s carpentry vocational program are putting the finishing touches on new bus stops for the town of Davis.

New Davis Renaissance Group organized the task of upgrading the town’s dilapidated bus stops.  The group received financial help from the Tucker Community Foundation’s Albert A. and Frances M. Kerzic Memorial Fund.

The fund was created to “promote education, recreation, historic preservation, beautification, and economic development for Davis,” the foundation’s website read.

The cadets built four bus stops.  Three of the structures are four feet wide by ten feet long.  The largest structure is four feet wide by 16 feet long.  The stops are intended for students at Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School and Tucker County High School.

Skilled craftsmanship and an adept understanding of the trade are evident in the completed structures.  With sturdy roofs, glass windows, and tasteful trim work, these bus stops are a serious upgrade from their predecessors.

When Travis Hambrick, the carpentry program instructor, received the bus stop idea from New Davis Renaissance, he helped his students draft specific plans and gather a material list.

Hambrick estimated it took the team about two weeks to complete the largest bus stop.

Cadet Fabian Beatty was the foreman for this project.  His task was to supervise the project to ensure each step was completed correctly.  “The hardest part for us, because they were heavy, was lifting them out of the garage,” Beatty said.

Beatty commented that his crew recently completed a chicken coop, which gave them an understanding of how to build a comparable structure.

The carpentry program is one of three career and technical programs at the center.  Hamrick learned his carpentry skills from Tucker Valley High School.  He has led this program for 14 years.

“The point of the program is for students to get an idea of the workforce, so that when they leave, they have skills,” Hamrick said.  The carpentry program offers two certifications, “Introduction to Carpentry” and “Carpentry 1.” Hamrick runs the program like a regular class.  Approximately 20 students are currently enrolled.

New Davis Renaissance Group meetings are open to the public.  Their meetings are schedule on the second Tuesday of every month at 4:30 p.m. at the Davis Town Hall.