Turner’s Tidbits – July 5, 2017


This is a photo from the front porch of the Star Restaurant which was located in Hambleton.

The men in the front are part of Dixon’s Teamsters the morning after the 4th of 1913. Dixon had a lumber camp on Green Mountain and the men worked for him. They are from left to right (seated) Tucker “Tuck” Woolwine, Bill Scalion, Eddie Bean, Wade Chenoweth, Newton Foote, Bobby Bland (Standing) Lillian Gertrude Ford Griffith, Luther (Toot) Griffith, husband of Gertrude, and the other man is unknown. Some information on the Long’s-Ed Long was married to Lizzie Long and they had a son Stanley, also a Hazel Carr stayed with them. Long Street in Parsons is named after Ed who was a City Policeman. There was also a Vincent Long-he had a daughter Lela who married a Batt, there were also two  sons, John and Delvin. Ideas or comments contact Tim Turner 304-478-3389.