Turner’s Tidbits – July 26, 2017


This is an unknown military fellow. It could be a Whetzel or (?). The photo from last week has been identified. It is Charles Austin and Annie O’Dell White Ketterman.

This was their wedding picture taken around 1915 as they had a 50th Year Wedding Anniversary celebration in 1965. They lived in the Gandy/Whitmer area. They were both cooks in log camps; one in Richwood and Williams River.

They came to Hendricks around 1936 when the railroad was completed from the Whitmer area to Hendricks. Charles would go to the train depot and pick up the mail bags and take them to the post office. One of the postmasters was Bill Ryan. Annie’s parents were Alfred Taylor and Mamie Plum White.

Charles and Annie had 6 children; the youngest was the only one born at Hendricks the others were born up in the Whitmer area. The children were: Mary Edith (married Luther McCrum), Paul Wilson “Buck” (married Gladys Arnold), Hallie (married June Sturms), Betty Jo (married Rev. Floyd Carr), Charles Albert “Pete” (married Mary Anna Gilmore), Bernice Gayle-only one of the family still living (married Charles Hymes).

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