Turner’s Tidbits


This photo is of Albert Crossland at his home. It is dated May 19, 1972 age 88 years; died April 4, 1973. He was the son of George and Provey Yoakum Crossland. He had never married. “Ab” was a local hero of sorts as he stood up to the State Government and won. When land was being purchased for the State Park in Canaan, Ab refused to move. It was a long and contentious issue and Ab finally won out. To some he was considered a squatter and to others he was just merely defending his right to live on the land he had been on. Ab lived in a small cabin surrounded by the State Park until his death; at which time his cabin was torn down. He and his mother are buried on the park with a nice white picket fence. Ideas or comments contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.