Tucker County Woman Arrested for Possession


ELKINS – Tucker County resident, Kristin Carlea Nine, of Hambleton was arrested in Randolph County for possession of narcotics.  According to the criminal complaint, on Monday, Oct. 28 at approximately 3:30 p.m., in Elkins, Senior Patrolman C.G. Boatwright was patrolling in the area of Davis Ave. when he observed a green Saturn Ion traveling north.  He observed the driver, Joshua Slayton to not be wearing a seatbelt.  A traffic stop was conducted in the Gino’s parking lot.  A female passenger attempted to exit the vehicle and go inside and she was advised to stay in the vehicle.  The driver was advised to produce license, registration and proof of insurance and he said he did not have a license.  The officer asked if there was anything in the vehicle that he should be aware of and the driver allegedly stated, “I have a few rigs in here.”  The driver was asked to exit the vehicle and was checked for weapons and told to wait.  The passenger was identified as Kristin Nine and she advised that the vehicle was hers.  She was also searched and asked to wait at the back of the car.  The officer then advised that he would be searching the vehicle and asked both if there was anything besides the “rigs” that he should be aware of.  Both allegedly stated “no there is nothing”.  Nine then advised that she was pregnant and hungry but would like to have a cigarette.  The officer advised that he prefer she not smoke, but if she must.  She retrieved her cigarettes from the passenger door and then her purse.  He advised her to leave the purse at which time she allegedly advised him that he would not be searching her purse because it was her personnel property.  She was told to put the purse back at which time she refused.  The officer retrieved it from her and she said it could be searched because there was nothing in it.  Patrolman First Class B.D. Tice and Patrolman D.M. Coffman then arrived on scene and observed Nine and Slayton as the purse was searched.  Boatwright located a zipped bag with lemons on the outside.  When he opened the bag he observed a set of digital scales that appeared to be disguised as a cigarette pack.  He then observed three small plastic baggies containing a crystal like substance consistent with Methamphetamine and two empty small crystal like baggies.  Nine was placed in hand restraints and advised she was under arrest for Possession with Intent to Deliver.  Boatwright then located three syringes in Slayton’s bag and nothing else.  Slayton was cited for no seatbelt and driving suspended 1st.  Nine’s cell phone was obtained and she was transported to the Elkins Police Department for processing and then to Tygart Valley Regional Jail.  The crystal substance was weighed at the Police Station and was found to be approximately 4.28 grams, 2.15 grams and .75 grams.  Nine posted a $25,000 bond and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 6.