We have had a cancellation for our trip to Maine/Boston. If you would like to fill this spot on the bus please call 304-478-2423 immediately. The price is $925 based on double occupancy. The trip is September 16th to 21st 2019.

We still have some seats available for our Christmas trip to the Ohio Amish country. We will be going November 19 – 21, 2019. The cost of the trip is $375 per person based on double occupancy. Please remember that the seats will be reserved based on the receipt of your $75 deposit which will be subtracted from the final price. The next collection date is September 26th.

We can still take deposits for our cruise to the Southern Caribbean February 6 – 18, 2021. The deposit is $100 and needs to be paid as soon as possible to hold the cabin. We only have so long before the tour company has to turn the cabins back over to the cruise line and then if you can get a cabin, the price may go up. We’ve had several questions. We want to let you know that this will be a bus trip to Baltimore, MD to get on the ship. There is NO air flight involved. The prices are $1600, $1650, or $2000 depending on the type of cabin you want. If you need further details, please call Linda Bonner at 304-478-2423.


The Mt. Top Center will be celebrating those having September birthdays on Tuesday, September 10th. We will also have a brief Grandparents Day celebration on this day beginning at 10:45 a.m. If you can, please bring pictures of your grandchildren and/or great grandchildren.


There will be a short program on self-defense awareness presented by the WVU Extension Office at the Parsons Center on Wednesday, September 11th at 11:00 a.m.