Tucker County Schools Fall Hearing and Audiology Screenings/Rechecks Scheduled


Tucker County Schools along with Rhea Dyer, Speech Language Pathologist, and Cheryl Bifano, Educational Audiologist, will be conducting the fall speech and audiology screenings/rechecks in our schools.  Speech/Hearing screenings are scheduled to take place on November 18-19, 2019.

Students who will be screened are as follows:

(1)  All students entering school for the first time who have not been screened at school;
(2)  All students who have been referred for speech or hearing re-screenings from last year; and
(3)  Any teacher referrals for screening.

Parents will be notified if any student should fail the screenings.

Those who do not wish their chid to be tested must contact their respective school in writing.  For additional information, you can contact the Tucker County Schools Special Education Department at 304-478-2771.