Tucker County Planning Commission to host workshop on regional planning for small communities

Officials from the Tucker County Planning Commission will meet with representatives from Smart Growth America on May 27 and 28, 2015 as part of a free, grant-funded technical assistance program. This workshop seeks to provide county officials with the necessary tools to help Tucker County plan for growth resulting from the future opening of Corridor H, also known as Highway 48.

“This technical assistance will help Tucker County residents direct future business growth in a way that works for them,” said Anne Jones, Executive Director of Economic Development in Tucker County.

Tucker County area residents are invited to join the workshop’s first day for an introductory presentation that will share strategies on how to plan for smart growth. The event will be held May 27, 2015 at the Davis Fire Hall from 5pm to 8pm.

“Smart Growth America is committed to providing training to help local community leaders keep counties and towns livable, vibrant places,” said Roger Millar, Smart Growth America Vice President. “Tucker County is ideally situated to attract new economic development and residents. We look forward to engaging community members in a discussion of how sustainable development patterns could provide the greatest economic and quality of life benefits for Tucker County residents.”

In December 2015, Tucker County was one of 14 communities nationwide selected from a pool of over 120 applications by Smart Growth America to participate in the technical assistance program. Stretching from Florida to Washington State, these 14 communities represent major cities, suburban centers, and rural towns alike.

The program, made possible through a five-year Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Sustainable Communities, seeks to develop local planning solutions that help communities grow in ways that benefit families and businesses, while protecting the environment and preserving a sense of place. One other nonprofit organization—Project for Public Spaces—currently has an active grant under this program to help communities get the kinds of development they want.

As a national leader in the field, Smart Growth America has accumulated extensive experience working with communities to help them use land strategically, make the most of existing resources and invest strategically to catalyze private development.