Tucker County Grand Jury Hands Down Indictments


Philip A. Phillips, Sr. was indicted on a total of 12 counts. Three counts were for Second Degree Sexual Assault, one count First Degree Sexual Abuse, four counts Sexual Abuse by Parent or Guardian, two counts Third Degree Sexual Abuse and two counts Sexual Abuse by Parent or Guardian. According to the indictment, between Sept. 1, 1999 and Oct. 4, 1999 these crimes were committed against two separate female minors residing in his home.

Michael Hartzell did offer, confer and agree to confer a bribe in payment of money to Chief Dep. E.C. Surguy to leave him at a motel in Elkins instead of transporting him to Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

April L. Miller was indicted on one count of Child Neglect resulting in serious bodily injury and two counts Child Neglect resulting in death, two counts

Possession of controlled substance and one count Permitting driving under the influence when she let a male subject drive her car while knowingly under the influence or presence of a controlled substance.

Francesca M. Cortes was indicted on two counts First degree sexual assault, two counts sexual abuse by parent or guardian and two counts incest. According to the indictment, between January and May of 2010 she did have sexual intercourse with a minor child.

David Howell was indicted for two counts of First degree sexual abuse. The indictment states that on or about June 14, 2012, he committed sexual abuse against a female by intentionally touching her buttocks and vagina without consent.

David Close was indicted for Malicious Wounding. According to the indictment, on Jan. 9 he intentionally, feloniously and maliciously struck Samantha Close causing her bodily injury with the intent to errantly disfigure her.

Clifford Boyles was indicted for failure to register or provide notice of registration changes. He did not provide proper change of address after being convicted for two counts of Sexual Battery in Ohio in February of 1993 and two counts of First degree sexual abuse in Tucker County in May of 2003.

Cody Lucas was indicted on one count Possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver. On or about March 14 he committed the offense of Possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver by possessing Schedule One Marijuana.

Kandice Sponaugle was indicted for Third degree DUI of alcohol. She had two prior occasions of DUI.