Tucker County ESSF Dedicated and Ready to Serve

photo credit Kelly Stadelman

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

            The Emergency Response Station situated near the Boulder Park in Davis drew a crowd to witness to ribbon cutting ceremony and see firsthand what the new facility has to offer.  County Commission President Lowell Moore noted, “This has been in the plans for a long time, and it’s finally come to a reality.”

            This new facility is not just to house EMS, formerly stationed at Cortland Acres, but it serves many other options as well.  In addition to two ambulance bays, a kitchenette, living area, bathrooms, and sleeping quarters for the EMT’s, it also offers public restrooms for the Boulder Park that the town of Davis will be responsible for maintaining.  While a concession stand was not constructed into this building, space where one can be erected was made in the event someone wished to do so.  It also has a satellite office, complete hook ups for the Office of Emergency Management to hook up their command center and portable shelters, office space, and a conference room. Public attendees were overheard on the tour, with comments such as “How wonderful,” and “This is so nice!”  Everyone seemed to be in awe over the new facility and what it will bring to the community.

            After the tour, the agenda for the event began with a welcome by Dennis Filler, County Planner and Master of Ceremony.  “I would like to welcome you to the dedication of the Tucker County Emergency Services Support Facility, or ESSF as we refer to it,” he began.  “This is a county owned, multipurpose facility designed to provide county services in the event of an emergency in the more northerly and westerly parts of Tucker County.”  Filler extended a heartfelt thank you to the Commissioners, past and present, for their many hours of work on this project, as well as a special thanks to Frank and Rachel Roberts and their company for their construction of this building.  “Recently, Governor Justice designated this day of September 14, West Virginia Heroes Day, to honor all of our first responders, especially those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice,” he continued.  “On the eighteenth anniversary this past Wednesday of the September 11 attacks, we honored the memory of more than 3,2000 of our brothers and sisters who perished that day.”  “We had planned a groundbreaking ceremony for this building back in April but cancelled it because of the untimely passing of Larry Armbruster.”  Filler took a moment to speak of Armbruster and his dedication to “improve patient care” in the county.  Joan, Armbrusters wife, was present at the ceremony, was asked to approach the podium.  “It is my honor and privilege to present you with this memorial plaque which reads as follows:  In memory of Larry F. Armbruster, in recognition of ten years of distinguished and unselfish service to Tucker County EMS and the Tucker County Community.”  Terry Silk, Tucker County Building Commission, had the honor of presenting Mrs. Armbruster with this memorial plaque in honor of her late husband.

photo credit Kelly Stadelman
Terry Silk, president of the Ambulance Authority, presented Joan Armbruster with a plaque recognizing the hard work and dedication of the late Larry Armbruster with emergency services in Tucker County. The plaque will hang in the new station 2 building.

 Filler noted how, many people take for granted the daily sacrifices made by first responders and the hard work and dedication they put in to keeping up with their education and certifications.  “When the call goes out, they respond, they don’t know how any situation may develop.”  “Let us pray that our own first responders never experience such a tragic incident, but let us always remember and be thankful that they are only a 911 call away to help us, be it a fire, an accident, or medical emergency,” he concluded.

            The Tucker County Veterans  Presented the Colors followed by the National Anthem played by Dennis Filler.  Invocation and the blessing of the building were conducted by Reverend Timothy Grassi followed by some remarks made to the crowd.

            Commissioner Moore spoke on an achievement such as this requiring teamwork.  He thanked Dennis Filler, County Planner, past and present County Commissioners, the Tucker county Building Commission and Development Authority, and the Tucker County Ambulatory Board.  He also thanked and recognized Director Sheila Marsh along with her staff and employees, all the local fire departments, local law enforcements, residents of Tucker County, along with our state and US representatives.  “Nobody worked any harder or wanted this built more than the late Larry Armbruster,” commented Moore.  “His desire was to see this, and I think he would be proud,” he added, as everyone agreed he is sadly missed.  “Next to Larry (desiring to see the completion of this project) is Terry Silk who has worked tirelessly and is still working,” he added.  “This facility is to better serve the people of Tucker County for years to come,” he concluded.  “Thank you all for coming and enjoy.”

             Silk took a moment to thank everyone involved in making this facility come to be.  He expanded on the needs it fulfills for the community and the additional services it brings to the entire county.

            Upon the completion of the ceremony, those in attendance took another look around the approximate 3,000 square foot facility while enjoying refreshments provided by Commissioner Jon Bush.