Tucker County Cross Country teams run in Philippi & Elkins

Front Row(L-R): Erin Chambers, Riley Rohrbaugh, Kristen Hicks, Carley Dumire, Emma Wamsley, Addie Buckley, Karlee Smith, Caitlin Fladung, Katie Surguy, Hannah Hardy. Middle Row(L-R): Olivia Myers, Kate Falls, Taylor Long, Ethan Pacella, Conor Greenlief, Clay Poling, Kandace Nestor, Alaira Hudson. Back Row(L-R): Will White, Haden Wamsley, Raine McCauley, Holden Young, Noah Lipscomb, Wesley Strawderman and Trent Eure.

PHILIPPI – The Tucker County Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country teams traveled to Philip-Barbour on Friday August 30th to compete in the Barbour County Skirmish. The Girls’ team finished as follows: 2nd-Erin Chambers(24:58), 10th-Karlee Smith(27:55), 12th-Hannah Hardy(29:05), 13th-Kristen Hicks(29:44), 15th-Addie Buckley(31:39), 17th-Riley Rohrbaugh(32:55), 18th-Caitlin Fladung(35:08), 20th-Emma Wamsley(37:46), 21st-Olivia Myers(39:48) and 22nd-Carley Dumire(40:05).

In the Boys’ race Tucker County runners placed as follows: 7th-Holden Young(21:13), 9th-Will White(21:38), 18th-Clay Poling(23:33), 23rd-Trent Eure(24:53), 25th-Taylor Long(25:26), 30th-Wesley Strawderman(26:22) and 31st-Raine McCauley(26:51).

ELKINS – The Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country teams traveled to Elkins on Saturday September 7th to compete in the Annual Forest Festival Invitational. The Girls’ team finished in 2nd out of 9 teams. The Lady Mt. Lions runners finished as follows: 8th-Erin Chambers(24:51), 23rd-Kristen Hicks(27:20), 25th-Kate Falls(27:26), 26th-Hannah Hardy(27:31), 31st-Karlee Smith(28:18), 45th-Addie Buckley(30:06), 51st-Riley Rohrbaugh(30:46), 52nd-Alaira Hudson(30:52), 62nd-Caitlin Fladung(33:06), 64th-Kandace Nestor(33:34), 65th-Olivia Myers(33:36), 75th-Emma Wamsley(35:19) and 79th-Carley Dumire(37:36).

In the Boys’ race Tucker County finished in runners placed 9th as a team. The Mt. Lion Boys’ finished the race as follows: 19th-Holden Young(22:55), 45th-Taylor Long(22:47), 59th-Ethan Pacella(22:48), 67th-Trent Eure, 84th-Clay Poling, 86th-Wesley Strawderman, 87th-Will White, 88th-Noah Lipscomb and

Both teams will return to action on Tuesday September 17th at St. Marys. For more info go to TuckerCountySports.Com.