Tucker County Commission receives update from county planning commission


 By Beth Christian Broschart

The Parsons Advocate


PARSONS – Tucker County Planning Commission President Ben Herrick updated Tucker County Commission members Wednesday during their regular meeting. Herrick said one big accomplishment for the planning commission was an EPA Smart Growth America Grant, written by Daniel Hobbs, AmeriCorps member.

“Tucker County has an enviable position – we are one of the very few small communities in the nation that is actually looking to experience growth,” Herrick said. “Most rural communities are on the decline but with Corridor H, we are looking for an influx. We want to keep a handle on this and that is what Smart Growth America was about.”

Herrick said the grant helped folks see how to manage the growth. He said the planning commission is also working on a transportation plan.

“We only have input on it so far,” Herrick said. “Nothing has been developed as of now.”

Herrick said the group also worked on a zoning ordinance in Canaan Valley. “With the onset of the FEMA regulations on flood plains, we made sure all of the information is contained in any building permits in the valley.”

Tucker County Commission President Lowell Moore said they have an upcoming announcement, but are not permitted at this point to announce what it is.

“It will be announced at a later date,” Moore said.

Moore talked about meeting with elected officials in Charleston last week during Tucker County Day at the Legislature and during the Gala.

“I thought it was successful and was well-attended,” Moore said.

“I want to commend the AmeriCorps workers and Anne Jones and the ProStart students for the great job they did down at the Cultural Center,” Commissioner Diane Hinkle said. “Also, Jed Drenning and Justice Allen Loughry, whose opening remarks really hit home with a lot of folks.”

Hinkle said the Tucker County Cultural District unveiled their asset map they have been working on. “It’s been a great week.”

“I want to thank everybody involved in Tucker County Day, especially the people of Tucker County,” Patrick Darlington, Tucker County Commissioner said. “When you look at the turnout we had, it’s clear the citizens came down to be involved. It was amazing. The Cultural Center filled up. Tucker County was very well represented.”

The next Tucker County Commission meeting is slated for 9 a.m. March 9.