Tucker Community Foundation Invests In Economic & Community Development

tucker community foundation
OpenClips / Pixabay
The theme of Tucker Community Foundation’s 25th anniversary year is “Invest In Your Community”. With that in mind, Tucker Community Foundation Directors recently created a new endowment to benefit Tucker County’s economic and community development.

The Foundation will match donations to the fund $1 for $1 up to $5,000 to establish the Tucker County Economic & Community Development (“TED”) Fund. When the fund reaches $10,000 it will produce grants for activities related to job creation, job retention and general improvement to the business climate of Tucker County.

Recommendations for grant awards will be made by a special grants committee comprised of three representatives from the Foundation; one member each from the Planning Commission, Development Authority Board and County Commission, and one member-at-large.

“Having a pool of locally controlled assets for community and economic development lessens our dependence on outside resources. State and federal grant programs are beneficial but tend to be unpredictable, inflexible, time intensive and the capital they provide is generally short term.” said Rob Burns, Executive director.

Directors are optimistic that the fund will attract strong support from the community. Less than one week after announcing the fund, a local business owner pledged $1,000 a year for the next five years.

Donations can be made online at www.tuckerfoundation.net or checks can be mailed to

TCF- TED, PO Box 491, Parsons, WV 26287. For up to date information and donor recognition visit our Facebook page at Tucker CommFound.