Towns of Davis and Hendricks Hold Local Elections


By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

                  Recently the towns of Davis and Hendricks both held their biennial elections for town council members and town mayor.  Hendricks was a simple ballot, with only Steve Booth, Bernie Phillips, Zach Long, and Roxanne Tuesing running for four out of the five council positions, April Miller as the only candidate for recorder, and a single candidate for mayor, Solena Roberts.   “That leaves us with one empty council seat we hope to fill in early July,” commented Mayor Roberts.  “Anyone living in town limits interested in being a council member is encouraged to contact any current member,” she concluded.  Each of these positions will serve a two year term before being up for re-election.

                  In the town of Davis, there were nine candidates vying for a seat on the town council.  The candidates up for consideration were Dakota Eye, John Felton, Tom Ashton, Ted Helmick, Al Tomson, Cynthia Robeson, Pat Pregley, Jeannette Ware, and Lisa Cousins.  Of those nine, the five successful candidates were Felton with 51 votes, Tomson earning 52 and serving as a repeat council member, Robeson with 56, Pregley obtaining 53 and also serving a second term, and Cousin also with 52 votes.  Ware was a current member up for re-election, though was unsuccessful for this election.

                  Running unopposed for recorder was Andrew Snyder, as well as unopposed for mayor, Doug Martin.  The outgoing recorder for the Town of Davis after serving a three year term was Tina Lipscomb, and outgoing mayor and recently honored as the 2019 Tuckineer is Joe Drenning.  Drenning has served as the town mayor for 18 years, taking office in 2001.  Prior to taking on the role of mayor, he served on the town council accumulating over 26 years of dedicated service to Davis and its residents and visitors.  Like the towns of Hendricks, each of these positions are set at two year terms before they will be up for re-election.

                  Though there is no reason for concern or error, these results do not become official until next week.