Town of Hambleton and St. George Park Brings Concerns to County Commission

Linda Bates, Mayor of Hambleton, brought pictures of the “Water Cistern” that was removed from outside the Hambleton Town Hall and showed how it had been filled.

Mayor Bates requested funding to replace the sidewalk that was demolished in the removal of said cistern and for additional repairs to the town hall to complete its use as an emergency shelter. The commission agreed to provide $7,500 for the removal of the cistern and sidewalk replacement and asked Mayor Bates to return with an itemized request for the additional upgrades and construction to be done on the Hambleton Town Hall.

St. George Park Board officers Steve Carr, V. President and Lisa Smith, Secretary reported to the commission that they had been told they were not eligible for a grant because they were not showing affiliation with the county. The commissioners stated that until just recently, they were not aware that the park deed was owned by the county. Commissioners stated that the park would be under the county’s blanket insurance policy in the next renewal and that they would give their support for the grant from the Tucker Community Endowment Foundation for the grant. They also stated that the grant money should be administered by the county commission and that any future proposals be presented to the commission to assure that all FEMA guidelines are followed and that everyone is in agreement.

April Miller of the Tucker County Family Resource Network/Center asked the commissioners to approve the proclamation of April as Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention month. All commissioners were in agreement. Miller went on to explain that the pinwheels that can be seen around the county, state, and country are to demonstrate the need for all to take a turn in making a difference in your community and in the life of a child.

The commissioners agreed to give HOSA $1,500 in funding for their upcoming trip to the National convention in Florida. The commissioners agreed to give funding to the Tucker County Culture District in the amount of $500 to open a bank account for this committee, with Commissioner Hinkle abstaining from the vote as she is a board member. The commissioners tabled a request for funding from the Alpine Heritage Preservation, stating that they still had questions.

The commissioners agreed to sponsor a Homeland Security grant application for $390,000 for the county E-911 upgrade of the radio equipment, which is 10 years old. The total cost of this upgrade is projected to be $400,000. The county agreed to contribute 5 % or $10,000. Darla Stemple, Director of E-911, made the request and stated that we have been fortunate that the equipment has held up so well. She went on to state that the current equipment would be maintained to use as a back up.

The commissioners agreed to appoint Joe Long, of the Maintenance Department, as an employee representative to the Wage & Hour Board.

The next meeting of the Tucker County Commission will today at 4 p.m. in the Tucker County Courthouse Courtroom.