THE IRON BRIDGE BISTRO proving a big hit


By Dave Snyder
The Parsons Advocate

The Iron Bridge Bistro

Todd and Samantha Zais opened the Iron Bridge Bistro April 21, 2017. Their goal has always been to provide fresh, high quality food for their customers who live in and visit this area.

Todd Zais is an experienced, highly qualified chef. He is a graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts.

The Iron Bridge Bistro is definitely a family endeavor. The Zais’ have three daughters working for them. Abby, Isabella and Gabrielle. In addition, Samantha’s sister, Diane Mullennex, is an employee. Also, Samantha’s brother-in-law, Ronnie Carr is an employee.

The menu at the Iron Bridge Bistro includes sandwiches, seafood, pasta and steaks. Samantha Zais said, “Our menu may constantly change in the future. We will do this in order to provide dishes that you would find in larger cities, but may not find in Parsons.” She said Monday tends to be one of their busier days.

Along with the food, there are two other unique characteristics of the Iron Bridge Bistro. These characteristics are the business logo and the presence of ongoing music. The logo of Parsons’ iron bridge is clearly displayed at the front door of the restaurant. Zais said a photo of the bridge was taken and then given to an artist. The artist used this photo to design the logo.

Music is part of the dining experience of the Iron Bridge Bistro. Easy listening, or soft rock, music is playing constantly. Such artists as Neil Diamond, Jim Croce and the Beach Boys can be heard at any given time. This allows for a nice background to enjoy a meal and pleasant conversation.

The Iron Bridge Bistro is located At 323 First Street and is open 4 to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The door is open and you are welcome.

The Iron Bridge Bistro, located At 323 First Street, is named for the historic railroad bridge across the Shaver’s Fork River.