The Annual Sports Recognition Ceremony at Tucker County High School took place on Monday May 20th in the school auditorium. Principal Steven Cosner started the ceremony with a welcome to everyone in attendance.

TCHS Senior Academic Female and Male Athletes of the Year, Chris Chambers(left) and Aliyah Plum(right) – Photo by Dave Helmick
TCHS Senior Female and Male Athletes of the Year, Corrick Ambros(left) and Riley Evans(right) – Photo by Dave Helmick

The TCHS Girls’ and Boys’ Track was announced to start the ceremony by Head Coaches Shane Eakle(Girls’) and Tom Gutshall(Boys’). The Softball team was presented certificates next by Head Coach AJ Rapp. Tucker County Baseball was up next as they were honored by their Head Coach Steelie Kisamore. Cross Country Head Coach Michele Mullenax then announced the Boys’ and Girls’ members. TCHS Football was the next sport to be announced as Head Coach AJ Rapp honored his team members. Girls’ Basketball was honored next as the JV and Varsity players were announced. Boys’ Basketball Head Coach Jim Ambrose was next on the night as he called his JV and Varsity players up on the stage and were presented certificates. TCHS Golf was the last sport of the evening to present honors as Head Coach Sheryl Kines called up her players and handed out certificates to each member.

Alicia Lambert, Superintendent of Schools then introduced the Senior PVC Conference Scholar Athletes. Those achieving this award were Owen Poling, Chris Chambers, Aliyah Plum, Corrick Ambrose, Ben Cromer, Inza Pacella, Mark Barnes, Zane Myers, Riley Evans, Seth Cangley, McKinley Murphy, Kelcee James, Gariet Pennington, Anna DiBacco and Ben Callaway.

The night concluded with several special awards. Athletic Director Jonathan Hicks presented the first two awards as this was the Senior Female and Male Academic Athlete of the year. This award is presented to the Female and Male Athlete with the highest grade point average. This award was presented to Aliyah Plum and Chris Chambers. The next award presented by Hicks was the Senior Female and Male Athlete of the year, which is voted on by the head coaches. These awards went to Riley Evans and Corrick Ambrose. Mr. Cosner then came back to the podium and ask the crowd to stand to recognize Coach Tom Gutshall. Gutshall is retiring from his coaching position as Boys’ Track Coach. Cosner then offered closing remarks and dismissed the crowd for the night.

The following is a list of the members of the 2018-19 All PVC Conference: Girls’ Track: Karlee Smith, Kate Falls, Rachel Friend, Addie Buckley, Abbie Eakle, Riley Evans, Inza Pacella, Zoe Nestor and Kelcee James. Boys’ Track: Corrick Ambrose, Ben Callaway, Joseph Lewandowski, Raine McCauley, Ethan Pacella, Will White, Zane Myers, Holden Young, Hunter Collar, Cameron Wamsley, Chris Chambers and John Anderson. Cheer: Jordan Teter. Cross Country: Kate Falls and Will White. Football: Ben Callaway, Seth Cangley, Owen Poling, Jeffrey Snyder, Cole Rapp, Josh Callaway and Raine McCauley. Girls’ Basketball: McKinley Murphy, Riley Evans and Terra Kuhn. Boys’ Basketball: Corrick Ambrose and Jeffrey Snyder. For more Tucker County Sports info go to TuckerCountySports.Com.