St. John’s Church Welcomes Rev. Dent Back


Members of St. John’s United Methodist Church celebrated the return assignment of Rev. Phil Dent to the church for another year with a covered dish dinner on July 14.


Paul Poling gave the blessing and following the dinner, he read messages that had been written from the congregation as to why they were happy to have Rev. Dent for another year.  Rev. Dent then stated reasons why he was pleased to be returning to St. John’s.

Those present for the celebration were:  Sonny and Patty Wilfong, Don and Kathie Dellinger, Ed and Deloris McDonald, Paul and Alisa Poling, Stormie, Isaiah and Gary Meloy, Mike Evans, Steven Evans, Nola DeVilder, Jennifer Ends, Joyce Metheny, Axle, Paige, Dewayne, Justin and Christian Purnell, Grace Stevens, David and Beverly Bennett, Josh Evans, Dick and Willetta Bolinger, Taylor Scott, Warren, Sarah, Marissa and Cameron Judy, Angie Swisher, Hannah Swisher, Ryan Hart, Wanda Fike, Jason, Rhonda and Sadie Ends, Jim Strawderman, Rev. Jim and Tammy Strawderman, Judy Fairbanks, Wilda Henline, Victor and Ruth Beckman, Jean Wilmoth, Arlie and Snookie Davis, April Fitzwater, Anna Fitzwater and the guests of honor, Rev. Phil, Tracey, Lacey, Emily and Brandon Dent.