Is it Spring Yet?


It was good to flip the calendar to the month of March and see that spring is here. Finally, there might just be and ending in sight to this long, cold, snowy winter. The warm temperatures felt great this past weekend and it was good to get outside. Although with the winter we’ve been having this year the warm spell didn’t last long. Another snow storm dumped a quick 6 to 8 inches across the mountain state to start the work week.

The forecast is calling for warmer temperatures so we’ll just have to deal with the white stuff for a couple more days. Instead of looking backwards, I’m going to look forward to colorful wild flowers, blooming redbuds and dogwoods, and the sound of a gobbler on a distant ridge top. As soon as you open the door you can hear the birds chirping once again and the grass is starting to get its green tint back. The warm rays from the sun felt great as it seems like it’s been months since we’ve experienced sunlight last.

I’ve always been a strong believer in getting outside, something kids nowadays should do more of, as simple sunlight is an excellent mood changer. I’ve seen how it works first hand on our 2 ½ year old daughter as a half hour to an hour outside makes everyone happy and helps ease the terrible 2’s. Even when there was a foot of snow on the ground, we’d bundle up and go shovel snow and walk around. I remember growing up staying outside all day sleigh riding and my mom practically having to drag me back inside for dinner.

With spring upon us there will be plenty to do outdoors; gardening, planting flowers, unfortunately mowing grass, and of course fishing and spring gobbler hunting. And talking about my favorite subject, fishing, I can’t wait to get on the water again.

The rivers are in great shape right now, but the water is still cold. The fish are on the slow side but with the warming temperatures the fishing will really pick up. Although this snow melt will delay the process some I’m going to remain optimistic as winter ends this week.

The spring peepers are a sure sign that spring is near and those tiny tree frogs are always music to my ears. The wood frogs have also been vocal the past few days. Love is in the air as it’s the males making all the noise in hopes of attracting a female friend. When the amphibians start moving, you know that warmer days are to come.

Another tradition us mountain folk get excited about is digging ramps. Once the snow melts again, a person could dig ramps right now if you know where to look. The seed stalks from last year can be followed down to the ground and once you rake away the leaf litter a pod of light green ramp tops will be sticking up. I personally like them early and small than late and a lot of green.

So if cabin fever has got the best of you, don’t worry, because according to the calendar spring officially arrives on Thursday. Get outside and enjoy the nice weather to come. And make sure to take a moment to be thankful for living in such a wonderful place where you truly get to experience the change of the seasons.