Shop n’ Save Donates Backpacks and Supplies to Family Resource Network

Shop N’ Save Manger Greg Burner presents one of the backpacks to Family Resource Center Director Sandra Bohon, alongside Superintendent Alicia Lambert, and Family Resource Network Executive Director April Miller

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

Parsons Shop n’ Save Manager Greg Burner had a vision to help.  “I initially wanted to sell sponsorships to buy products,” he explained, but by the time his idea came to him, it was too late in the summer for it to be as successful as he envisioned. He wanted to do something similar to the popular “Stuff the Bus” events to help students return to school with all they need.   Burner took the idea to the company and employees during their regular meetings and decided regardless of time, this idea to help was going to happen.
Burner was guided towards contacting the Family Resource Network since they are set up to assist in meeting the needs of those in our community. Sandra Bohon, Director of the Family Resource Center, informed they have a list of students who someone had called in for on their behalf that they plan to distribute some of these items to as well as keep some on hand for incoming students that may be in need.  April Miller, Executive Director of the Family Resource Network also mentioned a school supply closet they keep stocked at their office as the year goes on and items need replenished. Miller also commented, “Teachers I know spend a lot of their own money and this will help.”
Together, between the company and the employees, around $450 was set aside to purchase 50 cinch packs, each one containing a bottle of glue, hand sanitizer, markers, crayons, and a notebook of paper.  Burner said, “Next year I’m hoping to start a little bit sooner,” in hopes to increase their donation.
Representatives Miler and Bohon from the FRN, Superintendent of schools Alicia Lambert, Shop N’ Save manager Greg Burner, and several employees gather in front of the backpack display for a quick photo

Superintendant of Tucker County Schools Alicia Lambert also joined the FRN at Shop N Save Friday morning for the presentation of the bags.  Lambert said, “The school and FRN are really good about keeping in touch about who needs what.”  This way, if a teacher or other school employee notices a child in need, they can contact the FRN for assistance in providing for that student.  Lambert also advised that any student who is in need can confide in their schools principals, guidance counselors, secretaries, or school nurse.  Miller added, “The good thing is we have a community willing to step up and help.”

Chris Phillips, President of CGP Foods, said, “The original Parsons store was our second location and it has been instrumental in the growth and success of our company.”  “We are proud to join with a wonderful partner like Tucker County Family Resource Network to make sure 50 Tucker County students have the things they need to have a successful start to their school year,” he added.
Burner called for the employees who were available at the time to join him, Bohon, Miller, and Lambert for a quick photograph before he presented them with the donation and assisted in loading the bags up to be ready to distribute to the kids.  For more information on how you can support the Family Resource Network and their mission to provide for our community, you can call (304) 478-3827.  In addition, if you know of a child in need, you can also reach out to the FRN or call the Board of Education at (304) 478-2771.