Shavers Fork Properties Aim to Improve City of Parsons

Shavers Fork Properties, owned by Warren Judy and Brandon Wilfong, purchased the former Lewis property, which formerly housed gas stations and most recently an auto shop, and are renovating it to offer six apartments on First Street in Parsons

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

A now relatively new business known as Shavers Fork Properties actually has a history that contributes to its development. The late Dewey Wilfong had a deep love and appreciation for the City of Parsons. His goal was to always provide people and business to the area.

According to his grandson, Brandon Wilfong, Dewey referred to Parsons as “the garden spot of the east.” “He had nothing but the community in mind and wanted to try to bring an appreciation to Parsons,” explained Wilfong, who came to the area from Parkersburg in 2001.

His intention was to take over D&W Trucking to ensure the business would continue. Upon his grandfather’s death, Warren and Sarah Judy purchased Performance Auto Body, which was also owned by D. Wilfong. With Judy and Wilfong both running businesses that were owned by the same individual, their paths crossed and a friendship and partnership grew.

About a year ago, Judy owned a small lot of property that he considered finding a way to supply housing to locals as well as traveling workers. “The idea grew into buying more land after seeing the need for housing,” W. Judy stated. He pitched the idea to Wilfong which lead to the beginning of Shavers Fork Properties.

Along the new parcel of land along the river in Pulp Mill Bottom, the partners have developed an idea to construct elevated cabins that, even though are situated in the flood plain, are designed to avoid flood waters in the occurrence of such natural disaster. The current cabin under construction is situated atop pillars eight feet off the ground. Before breaking ground, numerous studies were performed on these projects through Thrasher Engineering and Briscoe Run Surveying, including a no rise study, flow study, stringent surveying, and an elevation study. These were required by FEMA to build in a location such as this. At the conclusion of these studies, an architect had to perform their own studies to develop a floor plan to submit to Thrasher in order to structurally engineer the foundation. While the future owners will obviously have flood insurance on their policy, Wilfong explained, “It (the cost) will be less for the leg work we’ve already done.” In short, these cabins have been “flood proofed and FEMA approved”. The goal for the project is to complete a total of eight cozy cabins along the riverbank.

Once erected, these two story cozy cabins will provide approximately 900 square feet with an open floor plan, three bedrooms, one and a half baths, and a beautiful view of the river. These cabins will be for sale, though will have stipulations in the deeds to keep the value of the properties, not just for future residents but for existing as well. “Our goal is to bring additional value to Pulp Mill Bottom properties,” explained Wilfong.

In addition to the cabins, the partners purchased the former Lewis property, which formerly housed gas stations and most recently an auto shop, on First Street. This structure has been fully gutted and is being renovated into six, 1,000 square feet apartments. The upstairs apartments will be family oriented while the downstairs will meet Americans with Disabilities Act Standards. Four of the apartments will feature three bedrooms with two baths (one included as a master suite), and two will consist of two bedrooms and two baths, also containing a master suite. This complex will be equipped with a sprinkler system which will extend into a carport area that is provided for each unit. In addition to the carport, each apartment will be offered additional parking spaces. The upstairs units will have access to a spacious exterior deck space that also looks towards the scenic river flowing through Parsons.

“This is in the benefit of the community,” said Wilfong, “We are trying to make Parsons more of a value for those who have stayed and those to come.” Judy added, “We want to create jobs and places for people to live.” The tentative availability dates for these units are spring of 2020.