Sewer Problem


By Dale Pase

I went to the Thomas council meeting several nights ago.  I told them of my problem, they listened and said that not much could be done about my complaint.

I sat and observed the rest of the meeting because I had never seen local government at work.

They discussed a problem that they were having with the sewage.  I listened and after a while, I thought that their problem might be that they are too close to the forest to see the trees.

They had discussed about Historical Thomas.  They were really excited about that project.  That is where I thought about the solution to their problem.  Years ago in Thomas everyone was responsible for their own sewage.  All of the houses in Thomas had a WPA coal house.

A WPA coal house was a privy built by the Works Progress Administration.  When your toilet filled, you dug another hole and moved the coal house.  No expense to the town at all.

We also had a man that came around and emptied the privy.  He was known as the honey dipper.  The man who had the job was from Pierce.  He would take the honey and put it on his garden.  It was said to be the best garden in Tucker County.

I have not shared my idea with the mayor and council, but I think they will really be excited about the solution.  They will be having Historic Thomas and they will not have to worry about coming up with thousands of dollars for sewage.

Maybe I should think about getting into politics.