The Tucker County Senior Citizens held their monthly Outpost at the Parsons Center on November 6, 2018. Linda Bonner welcomed everyone. Linda read some facts about our flag before everyone recited the Lord’s Prayer and gave the Pledge of Allegiance. Linda read the minutes of the October meeting and they were approved as read. Those having a November birthday were recognized. There was only 1 present. That was Vera Lipscomb. The group then sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

Debbie Simmons then read “Veterans” and also spoke about the 21 years of service her dad gave and how they had to travel around the world to a new place every 3 years. Barbara McClung then read “The Noble and the Brave.” Next Meg and Jim Buddingh performed several patriotic songs.  Patsy Bonner then read “The Best on Earth” and Kenny Knotts read a prayer for our veterans titled “Bless Them Abundantly”

The next part of the program involved the crowd. Linda played the “Military Anthems” song while those present stood when the song from the branch of the service in which they or their family members served was sung. All were thanked for their sacrifice for our country. The Tucker County Veterans were asked to stand and tell their branch of service, the years and place they served, any memories they would like to share.

Linda then read the history of the red poppies. The veterans were presented an American Legion Auxiliary red poppy to thank them for their service. The others present were given a red poppy to help them remember to be thankful for our veterans and to thank them on days other than special occasions.

 November 11, 2018 is the 80th anniversary of the first performance of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America.” As the computer played Kate Smith singing “God Bless America,” the group stood and joined her.

Door Prizes were awarded to Earl Moore, Vera Lipscomb, Kathryn White, and Keith Weigel.

Kenny Knotts asked a blessing on our veterans and for our meal. A delicious meal was shared by all.