Proud Great-Grandson Purchased House Which Holds Great Memories: Featured on PRO House Tours


This week PRO OnTrac Christmas House Tour features the home of Shane Liller, a young man who purchased his great-grandparents’ house which is located at 223 Poplar Street. It is located in the Pulp Mill Bottom. Liller said, “ Don and Hilda took pride in their home. If you visited their house, you could hear the sound of polka music and see them dancing around the dining room table. In Don’s older years, he enjoyed working Thomas Kincaid puzzles, which all remain hanging on the walls at Christmastime.”

Liller bought the house this past April, and his mother and stepdad helped him to remodel it. Liller knew he was going to be deployed, so he presently has it listed as an Airbnb which means it can be rented out. He told us, “If you visit this house, you won’t be disappointed; it will have a military theme thanks to Mom and Nan Jeanne.”

PRO is honored to have the Liller house on the 4th Annual House Tour. The House Tour will be held December 6 from 5-9 p.m. Tickets are available from any PRO member and the PRO Office at City Hall.

Proceeds from the House Tour are used to promote revitalization projects in the City of Parsons.