Property Transfers – August 9, 2017


The following property transfers have been recorded in the Tucker County Clerk’s office:

  • Jerry E. Bozic, Michael D. Roy and Diane G. Childers, Davis Corporation, Lot #213 and #214 to Andrew T. Snyder, $60,000.
  • Robert Jesse Roy, Jr. and Ashley R. Hebb, St. George, Lot 4 or 25939.69 sq. ft to Ashley
    R. Hebb, $0.
  • Federal National Mortgage Association, Dry Fork, Tract 54 Cabin Mountain Timberline 5.55 acres to Pyramid Rocks, LLC, $45,000.
  • Katherine L. Vangilder, Licking, Lot 3C and 2C Camp Hannahsville to Raymond E. Martin, $7,000.
  • Christopher G. Pennington and Bethany A. Pennington, Black Fork, Lot #1 1.87 acres and Lot 2 1.50 acres Sturm Addition to Heather N. Eye, $158,000.
  • Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., Dry Fork, Unit E6 Week 4 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Brian C. Stuart and Vivian M. Stuart, $8,744.
  • Sheila C. Marshall/Formerly Sheila Rice; Sheila C. Rice/Now Sheila C. Marshall, Parsons Corporation, Lot 6 Hansford Addition to Genesis Youth Crisis Center Inc., $350,000.
  • William Carter, Robert Carter, Patricia Neureither and Mary Carter Claery, Davis, 3.94 acres to Karissa L. Hackelton and Matthew S. Gottlieb, $132.000.
  • John H. Richard and Melanie Richard, Davis, Tracts #18 and #21 Section 2 Black Bear Woods to Brian Christie and Xiaoyan Liang, $392,500.
  • Linda H. Beard/Linda Oberry, Thomas Corporation, Lot 48 to Robin L. Quinlivan, $38,000.
  • The City of Parsons, Parsons Corporation, NE Section Lot 82 Section D 9’x10’ Parsons City Cemetery to Ronald D. Hovatter, $200.
  • Dennis K. Flaherty and Carol L. Flaherty, Dry Fork, Unit 1253 Building 2 Beech Lodge Beaver Ridge to Joseph Mayer, $42,000.
  • David W. Dixon, Dry Fork, Lot B 1.00 acre and Lot C 1.34 acre to Joseph Nelson, $20,000.