Property Transfers for August 27, 2014

The following property transfers have been recorded in the Tucker County Clerk’s office:
  • Richard F. Kozma and Julie Kozma, Dry Fork, Tract 11 Flat Ridge Farm 2.77 acres to Robert L. Waggoner and Joanna T. Waggoner, $450,000.
  • Jackie L. Yost, St. George, Parcels (1) 2,200 sq. ft. (2) 11,000 sq. ft. to Kevin Lee Yost, $0.
  • David L. Goff and Loretta Goff, Thomas Corporation, (1) 5,000 sq. ft. (2) Parcel (3) ½ lot 685 (4) ½ lot 685 to Hugh Kendall, $150,000.
  • Boyd Landis, Jr. and Deborah Landis, Dry Fork, 1.9165 interest Unit G1 Week 18 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., $467.50.
  • Eric Scott Alkire and Lisa Michelle Alkire, Blark Fork District, 5.54 acres Holly Meadows Community to Anne Alisha McCune and Donald Scott Lycliter, $160,000.
  • Robert W. Lackland and Pamela F. Lackland, Dry Fork, Lot 105 Mountainside Section B Timberline Sub-division to Stephen F. Szurgyi, $225,000.
  • Brenda S. Bennett, Dry Fork, 2.05 acres Flanagan Hill to Patricia A. Wood, $199,000.
  • Martha A. Nestor, Donald J. Plum, Elizabeth M. Plum/NOW McCallister, Mary Ann Simpson, Hambleton Corporation, 31 square rods to Terry B. Kuhn, Sr., $5,000.
  • Frank Plum, Hambleton Corporation, 31 sq. rods and Lot 128 with adjoining triangular lot to Donald J. Plum, $0.
  • Mark A. Wojcicki and Margaret Wojcicki, Dry Fork, Unit C5 Week 29 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Dagmara Moselle, $0.