Property Transfers


The following property transfers have been recorded in the Tucker County Clerk’s office:

  • Rella B. Cvetican, Dry Fork, Lot 36 Pointy Knob to Pointy Knob 36 LLC, $22,000.
  • Mark A. Toor, Dry Fork, Unit 1123 Ash Lodge Beaver Ridge to Allyn G. Turner, $47,000.
  • Allyn G. Turner, Dry Fork, Unit 1123 Building 1 Ash Lodge Beaver Ridge to Timothy H. Clark, $47,000.
  • Eric R. Waldron and Katherine P. Waldron, Dry Fork, Unit B3 Week 41 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc. $1,621.
  • Jason B. Jenkins, Andrea J. Johnson, James H. Jenkins, Jr. and Roxane B. Jenkins, Dry Fork, Lot 106 Mountainside Timberline 2.08 acres to David F. Nelson, Sr. and Kimberly N. Nelson, $227,000.
  • Estate of Lenora Carol Nimmo, Donald C. Vest, Diane McDonald, Roberta Miller, Kevin Miller and Jeff Miller, Lot 6 Blackman Flats Heights to Donald C. Vest and Annetta J. Vest, $62,650.
  • Philip C. Eastman, Dry Fork, Lot 23 Canaan Vistas to Erik A. Eastman and Christine Eastman, $0.
  • Philip C. Eastman, Lot 21 Pointy Knob to Erik A. Eastman and Christine Eastman, $0.
  • Gregory D. Silverman, Dry Fork, Lot 1 Sand Run Lake Timberline to David Salter and Kathleen Salter, $220,000.
  • Betty C. Knotts, St. George, 2.24 acre/plat to James N. Pierson, $129,000.
  • Rosemary Ann Coates/Trustee; Rosemary Ann Coates Revocable Trust, Black Fork, Tract B or 1.52 acre/plat to Rick L. Liller, $119,000.
  • Brent D. Carminati, Davis, Unit 8 Pendletonheim to Brent D. Carminati and Whitney G. Carminati, $0.
  • George D. Constantz and Nancy B. Ailes, Dry Fork District, Unit 1115 Beaver Ridge Resort to Kathleen M. Nelson and Eric P. Poskanzer, $41,000.