Property Transfers


The following property transfers have been recorded in the Tucker County Clerk’s office:


Donald V. Ridenour, Licking, Lot 56 Landboc to Robert A. Forshey, Jr., Melissa Charmaine Forshey; Donald V. Ridenour Life Estate, $0.

Zofia Kosma, Dry Fork, Unit 1243 Building 2 Beech Lodge Beaver Ridge Resort to Charles W. Stahl, $54,000.

William D. Mollard and Phoebe W. Mollard, Fairfax, 2.72 acres and 1.14 acres to Christopher B. McVicker and Betty J. Hall, $273,500.

Dorothy R. White, Parsons Corporation, Lot 14 and Part Lot 15 Davis Addition to Shavers Fork Properties LLC, $10,000.

Scott Wesley Bowley and Sarah Lynn Bowley, Parsons Corporation, Lots 11, 12, 13, Part Lot 10 and Part Lot 16 and Part Lot 17 and Part Lot 15 to Shavers Fork Properties LLC, $20,000.

Rella Cvetican, Black Fork, 1 acre to Jack L. Mullenax and Michele A. Mullenax, $1,000.

  1. Nicholas Nedrow and Gary E. Nedrow, Clover, 18.35 acres to Okey Shahan, $94,000.