Property Transfers


The following property transfers have been recorded in the Tucker County Clerk’s office:

  • Thomas E. Pennington, Jr., William A. Pennington, Thomas R. Eidell, Sr., Janet Feit, William Steven Loughry, James D. Loughry and Linda Miller, Black Fork, 21.091 acres, 51.46 acres, 33,569 sq. ft., 3.02 acres and 22 sq. rods to City of Parsons, $152,509.
  • George K. Davis and Kathryn B. Davis, Dry Fork, Unit C5 Week 14 Land of Canaan Vacation Resort to Land of Canaan Home Owners Association, Inc., $0.
  • Christopher M. Kidwell, Licking, 250’x250’ parcel east side Cheat River to Christopher M. Kidwell/Life Estate, Jason S. Woodford and Erin R. Woodford, $5,000.
  • Frederick Jackson Dumire/TOD, St. George, Transfer on death (1)5.5 acres (2)3.86 acres, (3)6 acres, (4)2.742 acres plus 0.50 acre with mineral to Frederick Jackson Dumire, Jr., $0.
  • Annette Lynn Mallow, Dry Fork, 1.00 acre to Anita Cooper, $1,000.