Property Transfers


The following property transfers have been recorded in the Tucker County Clerk’s office:

Louise M. Miller, Hambleton Corporation, Lot 57 or 6179.5 sq. ft. to Jackson L. Helmick and Joyce A. Helmick, $0.

Stephen A. Swisher, Black Fork, (1) 1 acre (2) 11 acres to Stephen A. Swisher and Mary F. Swisher, $0.

Stephen A. Swisher and Mary F. Swisher, Black Fork, (1) 59.68 acres (2) 12.29 acres to Stephen A. Swisher/Life Estate, Mary F. Swisher/Life Estate, Jeremy Dale Swisher, Angela Dawn Swisher, $0.

April Leigh Rogers and Jason W. Rogers, Black Fork, 24.75 acres to Harry W. Hardy and Carolyn S. Hardy, $20,000.

Mark W. Nesbit and Amy Z. Nesbit, Dry Fork, Unit 73 Building 1 Deerfield Village to Jeffrey Adams and Mary Adams, $125,000.

Ricky S. Rosier and Rodney D. Rosier, Jr., Clover, 8.90 acres to Rodney D. Rosier, Jr., $0.

Danny Carr and Sarah Carr, Parsons Corporation, Parcel Jameson Ave. to Sarah A. Lipscomb, Robert G. Lipscomb/Life Estate and Brenda S. Lipscomb/Life Estate, $28,000.

Manda Loscar, Davis Corporation, Lots 118 and 119 to Joshua David Gambetta and Kristin Nichole Winebrenner, $80,000.

Canaan Village, Inc. Dry Fork, 17 Parcels Dry Fork District to Canaan Hospitality LLC, $637,500.

TLF Enterprises, LLC, Parsons Corporation, Lot 53 Walnut St. Parsons Corporation to Harold C. Buchanan, $75,000.