The Parsons Parks and Recreation Commission (PPRC) received a Land and Water Conservation Grant from the United States National Park Service and the West Virginia Development Office earlier this year to make $200,000 worth of improvements to Mill Race Park.

“We plan to use these funds wisely,” said PPRC President Kennetha Greenlief.  “Mill Race Park has become a major attraction for Parsons just in the past three years.  In order to keep people coming back, we continue to add improvements.  We will continue applying for grants to keep adding recreational opportunities in our parks system, because our community desires it.”

Pictured below, is one of the items included in the improvements project; it’s a synthetic ice skating rink.  The PPRC purchased their ice rink from Xtraice (a Sweden-based company).  The rink is composed of polyethylene with the highest molecular density.  Xtraice panels are self-lubricated, thus offering the best gliding level ever achieved.  Their secret is a protector and lubricant that has been specially designed in Xtraice Laboratories.  The lubricant is housed within the structure of our panels when they are manufactured and it gradually comes to the surface throughout the product’s lifespan.  Young members of any family can enjoy ice skating without ice alongside the adults, without being afraid of falling on the ice and getting hurt.  No special type of ice skates are needed to skate on these unique ice panels.  Xtraice is manufactured using a material that absorbs impact better than ice if children slip, making it the perfect solution for a community skating rink.

“We hope to finish the skating rink in the coming weeks,” said City Administrator and Treasurer Jason Myers.  “We plan to host a grand opening event hopefully early next month.”

Other items included in the improvements project are splash park bucket dump (finished), splash park paving and stripping (finished), pavilion number two parking lot extension and stripping (finished), walking trail lighting (to be completed in 2019), and installation of security cameras and public wifi throughout the park (to be completed in 2019).

The PPRC meets on the second Monday of every month (except holidays) at 5 p.m. in the conference room located on the first floor of the Charles W. “Bill” Rosenau Municipal Building.