Portions of Six City Streets to Receive New Pavement


Parsons City Council began a new streamlined meeting format on Tuesday, Oct. 1, that now has committee chairpersons making recommendations and reporting on all pertinent information.  They hope this new format is more efficient, allowing more business to be concluded in a shorter time frame.

Council agreed, at this meeting, to accept the street committee’s recommendation to pave portions of six of the city’s streets.  Those streets include Second St., Third St., Walnut Street (down through the Third Street. intersection), Davis Street, River Street. (from Railroad Street to First Street.), and Central Avene. (from First St. to Donahue St.  Council also agreed to make First Street a one way street from Sunnyside Lane to Main Street, going downhill only.

The First Street/Spruce Street drainage improvement project will be tabled pending available funds.
The street committee, in response to a letter from Harold Arbogast, decided to leave the stop signs on Main street as is, with possibly writing STOP on the pavement.
Parsons On Trac, which wanted to welcome it’s new AmeriCorps member, a graduate of the University of Connecticut, Rachel Puelle.  Puelle started in September and has been busy organizing files, laying groundwork for a building inventory of the 300 block of First Street, updating OnTrac’s Facebook page, and would like to create a webpage.  She is looking for some high quality photos of Parsons or someone who would be interested in taking photos.  She can be contacted at parsonsontrac@gmail.com.

David Greenlief reported that the cemetery committee is looking into a tract of land approximately 10 acres to expand the cemetery.  This land would not adjoin the present cemetery and would be a free standing entity.  It was further reported that the gates at the cemetery need to have some repair work done to them.
The Park Board recommended the hiring of Richard F. Stone as the Seasonal Assistant Groundkeeper.  Council voted to accept this hiring at a pay rate of $7.25 per hour with position ending on Oct. 31 and no guarantee of rehire.  The Park board also stated they will be using the same Security Camera policy that the city adopted.  They are still collecting information for the proposed splash park and are looking at placing solar lighting around the bike/walking trail at Mill Race park.

The Finance committee reported that the city is in good financial shape and in the black.
Jason Myers, city administrator, updated council on the funding options for the purchase of the Tucker County Logging Building at $175,000.  Options include a balloon loan, which could not be financed for longer than the mayor’s term, or appointing a building commission to oversee a longer term loan. No elected official would be allowed to serve on this commission, which would be appointed by council.  Nothing was decided at this time. Council is awaiting the outcome of a meeting held at the Grant County Bank and the recommendation of the city attorney.
Myers also presented the city’s expenditures for payment, which council voted to accept and also asked for approval for a budget revision.
It was agreed to purchase a new fuel tank for the 2003 International truck, and to purchase 2 Xtendor kits and 3 Premium Plow Markers for the new plows.
Council agreed to proclaiming  the week of October 14-18, 2013 as Municipal Government Week and the week of October 20 -26, 2013 as Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week.
The next meeting of the Parsons City Council will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013 in the Council Chambers located in the Charles W. “Bill” Rosenau Muncipal Building.