Police News


On Monday, Sept. 26, Pardons Police Department was called to 506 Jameson Ave. in reference to dogs barking night and day. Upon arriving, Chief W.D. Rowe found the residence front door open and noticed several dogs in kennels in the residence. Rowe contacted Animal Control Officer Ricky Rosier to come to the scene. The occupant of the residence was contacted and came to her residence to meet with Rowe and Rosier. Upon inspection of the residence, four dogs were located inside, all in separate kennels, some with no water and food and two with skin infections. After the investigation, the occupant of the residence, Sarah Lipscomb, gave all four dogs to the Shelter and was issued a citation for failure to register her dogs with the County. All four dogs were transported to the Shelter and given proper treatment.
On Thursday, Sept. 29, a one car accident occurred on US219 near Thomas. Parsons Police Department responded to the scene where a 2016 Chrysler car was over the embankment into the woods. The driver stated that she had wrecked her vehicle during the night and did not report it till the a.m. hours. The driver, Sabrina L. Sutherland, 43, of Coalton, was not injured and was cited for failure to maintain her vehicle.