Painting the Town Beautiful

Emilee Amaro painted a goddess style woman mural on the side of Elsewhere Salon in hopes it will inspire other buildings in the town to do the same. Ivy and other greenery were added to the mural that will bloom in the spring adding more color and beauty to the piece

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

                   If you’ve recently driven down Second Street in Parsons, you have more than likely noticed a splash of color behind the scaffold and ladders against Elsewhere Salon.  Owner Courtney Barb thought there’s more than one way to spruce up our town when she decided to have a mural painted on the side of her building.

                   “I’ve always loved the idea of putting art on buildings,” stated Barb.  “When I came across similar art, I knew this was the route I wanted to see realized,” she added.  It was then that she reached out to her friend, Emilee Amaro to share her talent.  Amaro, a former art teacher in North Carolina, received a degree in art from Albright College in Pennsylvania.  In December 2015, she relocated to Tucker County with her husband, Nick.

                   Barb provided Amaro with a few snapshots of ideas specifying she wanted climbing ivy for the hair.  “She let me kind of do my thing,” laughed Amaro as she was sharing information during a brief break in her painting.  You may not realize, but if you have noticed the fence paintings at C.J.’s Restaurant or several of the logos, mottos, and murals at TVEMS, you have already seen some of Amaro’s work.

Photo courtesy of Courtney Barb of the finished ivy goddess of Elsewhere Salon

                   Unfortunately, Amaro has now relocated across the country to California, so it will be a lot harder to get onto her schedule for future work.  “When I found out she was leaving, I figured it was now or never,” said Barb.  Amaro commented that once people saw her recent work and found out she was moving, she had several more offers to take on projects she regretfully had to turn down.

                   The image depicted on the side of Elsewhere Salon is that of a goddess style woman with climbing ivy and greenery for hair.  “For me, she is a symbol of beauty and growth,” commented Barb.  Not only is the painting itself beautiful but they affixed live plants atop her head that will flourish and bloom come Spring adding even more color and beauty to her artwork.  Upon completion, Amaro stated, “Hopefully it’ll inspire other buildings down here,” in hopes the idea will catch on and continue to aid in the beautification process of downtown Parsons.