One and Two Day Trips


We are planning a one day trip to Lost Creek to the Orange Blossom Trail Music Hall to take in a show by Johnny Cochran and the Trail Blazers.. We will visit some local sights of interest and enjoy an evening meal. We would likely set the date for sometime in July.

If you are interested, please call or stop by the center to place your name on the list. If enough interest is shown, we will go forth with the plans and once they are complete and the date, price and itinerary are set, those on the list will have first choice. We will need about 30 participants to make the trip a go.

We are also hoping to take an overnight trip to Pennsylvania and visit several sights such as the Flight 93 Memorial and other interesting places. We will also take in a presentation of the Pennsylvania Opry, a country music variety show. The trip will be scheduled in later August or mid September. We also have a lst of interested people started for this trip.