October 29, 2013


Life is like a merry-go-round. You have the ups and downs of everyday life, and things just go round and round. It is getting harder these days to step off and just stand still for a little while. Life is so fast paced and it doesn’t seem there are enough hours to get everything done.

I tried to get my outbuildings straightened up this weekend so I can store my summer things away. How do you accumulate so much stuff? I like to create Christmas decorations, so I have boxes of ideas just waiting for a creative moment to hit. I got a few done this past weekend and I am pleased with what I accomplished.

I always create something for Mom and Gran each spring and winter. I love to do shiny, sparkly, stand-out decorations for them. They both so loved to work with silk arrangements that I feel they deserve the best. Not tooting my own horn, but they do look pretty amazing. , “Toot away kid.”

The first step in creating a masterpiece is locating everything you want to work with. I kinda remember everything I have, but not always. So I have to drag out everything to get the ole brain in gear. The next step is placing everything how I want it. Then the “Dreaded Glue Gun Step.” First, plug it in, wait till glue is steaming hot, attach first decoration and burn the heck out of at least two fingers.

By the time I am done, I look like I was in a fight with a bobcat. Scratches, scrapes, band-aids and, of course, blisters. The bad thing is when I burn myself with glue the first inclination is to stick my fingers in my mouth. Momma Said, “That is not a smart thing to do.” Not only do I have burned fingers, but now my tongue has a blister as well. I guess the end result is well worth my trials and tribulations.