November 12, 2013


Today’s economy leaves a lot to be desired. I am troubled with the road our country is going down right now. The future does not look very promising, especially for the younger generation. The government seems to be on a course to run the country right into the ground.

I sit here on Veteran’s Day thinking of all the good men and women who have served this country. Most have come home, but many haven’t. A lot have come back with problems associated with active duty. We have veterans from all the conflicts the United States has ever engaged in. The sheer number of veterans from the latest conflicts is staggering.

I hear on some radio stations that parts of the country are banding together to help veterans reestablish themselves in the day to day routine of being a civilian again. Momma Said, “It seems it is getting harder for vets to reconnect once they come back from overseas.” I know we don’t hear everything on the news that happens over there, but it must be worse than we realize.

I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has served this country and commend them on a job well done. I think this latest conflict is something we need to step back from our troops need to be withdrawn and brought home. I can hope that there are no more casualties but I know that is not reality.

I would encourage everyone out there to honor the men and women of this country who have sacrificed for our freedom. Momma Said, “All gave some, but some gave all and this is the ultimate sacrifice anyone can give.”