New NASA movie filmed and edited in Tucker County


nasaWater Falls, a new movie produced for NASA, was principally shot and edited by West Virginia-based production company Verglas Media. The Science On a Sphere short film presents the upcoming Global Precipitation Measurement satellite mission, a high-tech NASA project that will study global precipitation from space, gathering data vital to understanding Earth’s most precious resource: fresh water. Water Falls features many well-known Tucker County vistas such as Blackwater Falls, Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge and Pendleton Lake.

Science on a Sphere films use multiple projectors and special software to project videos on a spherical screen. The projection system was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Verglas Media producer and founder Victoria Weeks spent more than 10 years as a science media producer for NASA and specialized in spherical filmmaking.

Premiere dates and locations are Oct. 10, Space Foundation, Colorado Springs, Col.; Oct. 12, The Wild Center, Tupper Lake, New York; and Oct. 23, Science on a Sphere Theaters worldwide. For more information or to watch the official trailer, visit