By: Jamen Dudley

Students of the Week

At Tucker County High School several students consistently go above and beyond the academic and behavioral expectations, courtesy, attitude, responsibility, and engagement, established by the Mountain Lion CARE Committee. Many of these students are athletes or are students who work after school to support themselves; yet, they are still the shinning stars of this school. These students continuously work hard to meet their goals.

TCHS Students of the Week (left to right) Caleb Flanagan, Clay Poling, and J.J. Copenhaver

Students chosen this week as Students of the Week include sophomore Clay Poling, junior Caleb Flanagan, and sophomore J.J. Copenhaver. The selected students will have an hour lunch to reward them for their hard work and for exemplifying the Mountain Lion CARE qualities.

Mountain Lion CARE encourages all TCHS students to do their very best throughout their high school career.

TCHS Principal’s “I See You Award” – Alyssa Cutter

Principal’s “I See You Award”

Junior Alyssa Cutter received this week’s Principal’s “I See You Award.”  Principal Stephen Cosner recognized Cutter for taking the initiative to clean up areas of the school that needed attention when she was not obligated to do so.

TCHS Makerspace

By: Paige Lantz

Makerspace is a Career Technical Education class where students are taught real life applications of math, numeracy, reading, writing, and literacy.  The class teaches students how to use both basic hand tools and modern technology such as Computer Aided design (CAD) computers, various printers, Vinyl Cutter, Laser Engraver, 3D scanners, DSLR Camera, and Phartom4 drone.

According to Stephen Strothers, current instructor of the class and known as “Mr. Stro” to his students, TCHS students and staff developed the plans for the Makerspace during the 2015-16 school year and during the next school year implemented the program. Mr. Stro assisted in teaching the first Makerspace class, Odyssey of the Mind, in 2017.

Regarding the Makerspace class, Mr. Stro remarked, “My favorite thing about this class is the big reveal, when something the student has created can be seen and touched by the student and shared with friends:  Look what I made.”

Students that like hands-on activities would benefit and love this class. Makerspace student Ethan Pacella commented, “The makerspace is fun and gets students to open up to new experiences. My favorite thing about this class is being able to work with new and advanced technology.”

TCHS invites the community to visit the class and observe first-hand what the class is doing during the school’s next Open House.

Senior Cheerleader Recognition

By: Jordan Teter

The Tucker County High School Cheerleaders are having their own senior night to recognize senior fall athletes. The event will take place during halftime of the TCHS football game against Petersburg on November 1 at the R. H. Armstrong Memorial Field.

The TCHS cheerleaders could not participate in the planned fall sports senior night because of a scheduling conflict with the Regional Cheer Competition.

The three senior cheerleaders have a combined total of six years of cheering experience at the high school level. Cheer has had a huge impact on each of the seniors.

Aurora Bunnell remarked on her senior cheering season: “It was the best season so far. Everyone on my team has been there for me since I started cheering and I have a great appreciation towards all of them. It has truly been the best year of my high school experience!”

“I have enjoyed my senior season so much because I adore every member of my cheer team,” senior Wyatt Gravelle commented about his first football season as the mascot.

Jordan Teter added, “These past four years have given me everlasting friendships, loads of experience in different circumstances, and a work ethic like no other. I am so grateful for all of my team members and my coach, and all that they have given me.”

When asked for comments about her three current seniors, Amber Kyle, TCHS Cheerleading Coach for 25 years said: “I have three seniors: Jordan, Aurora, and Wyatt. Jordan, I have been coaching for about four years.  I’ve watched her grow from a pretty unconfident flyer to a pretty confident flyer, and that’s been fun to watch. Aurora, I’ve known almost all her life. She left us for a while, but I’m so glad that she cheered because she was a great middle school cheerleader and she needed to be cheering on the high school level. With Wyatt, it’s just wonderful to have a mascot – especially one who enjoys what he’s doing. I think that because he stepped out of his comfort zone and is doing that, we may be able to get more mascots in the future, so it’s really great to have him as a role model for the school.”