Mostly True Stories




By Dale Pase

The big foot hunters came to Blackwater to film a story. I don’t know when it will air, but it will be interesting to see what they found.

The last time a group was on the park looking for Bigfoot, I said that I didn’t feel that Bigfoot was in Tucker County. If they were here, there would be recipes for cooking them.

I was looking through some old cookbooks and I found a recipe for Bigfoot Stew. I will share it. The ingredients are as follows:

One bigfoot-one about 450 pounds it the most tender

2 bushels of potatoes, diced

30 pounds of carrots, sliced

40 pounds of onions or 10 packs of onion soup mix

2 apple butter kettles

Wood to keep the fire burning under the kettles for about 8 hours

Start the fire under the kettles. Fill each kettle half full of water. Skin the Bigfoot. (The Bigfoot will stink until the fur is removed. Bury the fur to keep the odor down. Don’t think about selling the hide as no one will buy it!!!).

De-bone the bigfoot and cut into bite size pieced, add to boiling water.

After the meat has cooked for about six hours, add the vegetables. Cook until all is tender.

This will serve about 200 people. This freezes well, but use within the year.