Momma Said For September 11, 2013


By Teri Cayton
The Parsons Advocate
Can you take a joke?  Is it better to be on the giving end or the receiving end of a joke?  I guess it depends on the nature of the joke and the parties involved.  I love playing jokes and getting the best of people.  But sometimes it can backfire and the receiver of the joke doesn’t get the intended pun or prank.
When people jump to conclusions, before they stop and think, it can be a disaster.  A mistimed practical joke could be devastating to someone without a sense of humor.  Momma Said, “Laugh and the world laughs with you, but cry, and you cry alone.”
My Gran was the best at playing jokes on people.  One time she put what is called a load in someone’s cigarette.  It was a blast, (literally).  But, unfortunately the party on the receiving end was not very happy, everyone laughed but him.  She was the life of the party.  It’s too bad the party ended so soon.
The one who has yet to remain unnamed, (the BOSS), is a great one for jokes, both giving and receiving.  She and I can go at it all day and not get mad or upset.  I guess it is that old thing call one-upmanship.  Each of us tries to outdo the other and sometimes we can come up with some doozies.
The best part is, we can work together to pull the big one on someone else.  One of us can start with an idea and it seems to grow between us until it is the master plan.  As Momma Always Said, “Two heads are better than one.”