Momma Said for November 19, 2013


“For God and Country”, how long has it been that those words have carried much weight? This country was founded on the premise that the government was to be By the People for the People. Momma Said, “Today is seems the government is By Some People for A Few People.” Politicians have taken the power granted them and turned our country into a laughing stock. They have taken prayer from the schools and now they are basically forcing us to buy insurance.

The money that has been wasted on this process could have gone a long way to benefit something worthwhile. Money wasted trying to fix a broken system that is hurting Americans. The people that are on government assistance will stay on government assistance, but working class people who are just barely getting by are being told that the insurance they have is being cancelled.

I feel for our country and it saddens me to see how far we have fallen. We outsource our industries, import oil, and take care of everyone but our own. I am proud to be an American and have the knowledge that our country was founded on the belief that everyone is equal. It is obvious today that that belief is blowing in the wind.

My only hope is that we can stand tall and hold our heads high, remembering the men and women who have fought and are still fighting for freedom. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that is one holiday that should hold much more meaning than it does. It was the Pilgrims and Native Americans who celebrated the first union of this great country with a sit down feast. Momma Said, “Gather your family around you this holiday and pray for our country.”

A good way to do that is with some yummy Pumpkin Bread. You can make this with your favorite Banana Bread recipe. Just substitute two cups of pumpkin for the bananas. It is great, warm from the oven, with butter or cream cheese icing.