Momma Said for August 22, 2013


By Teri Cayton        
The Parsons Advocate
Have you ever wondered about how people get nicknames?  I have heard a few doozies in my day, but around Partsons it seems everyone has a nickname of some sort.  A few I have heard are:  Froggy, Strike, Stumpy, Fuzz, Peanut, Spike, Pork Chop, Squeak, Hap, Nubby, Tink, Curly, Skeeter, Hambone, Coonrod, Scrub, Jasper, Turtle, Hoot, Lump, Biggum, and Buttermilk.
I have recently had the pleasure of being able to label a local Parsons resident with his very own “Handle”.  We are visited weekly by a very nice man that used to live in Pennsylvania.  We have kidded him about his accent and he said that when he goes back to Pennsylvania everyone makes fun of his West Virginia drawl.  I think he still sounds like a Northerner.  My sister and I decided we would call him Tweener because he is neither here nor there.
Mom had a nickname too, everyone called her Pudgie.  She worked at Adkins Home Decorating Center and everyone knew her by that nickname.  Even when she passed away and they had her full name in the newspaper, a lot of people did not know who she was.  Some people had never heard her called Mary, just Pudgie.
Well speaking of things that are not what they seem, I have a recipe this week to help use up all the zucchini that everyone seems to have this year.  The excess can also be grated and frozen for future use.  Momma Said, “A loaf of warm zucchini bread in January sounds pretty good.”  I hope you enjoy this one.
Poor Man’s Crab Cakes
2 cups zucchini, grated
2 eggs
¼ cup green peppers, finely chopped
½ cup onions, finely chopped
2 cups bread crumbs
2 teaspoons Old Bay seasoning
Squeeze liquid from zucchini, mix with other ingredients and shape into cakes.  Fry in hot oil until browned.