Momma Said for April 8, 2014


Most of the farmers in the area are having their calves coming and I just love to see them playing in the fields. I used to keep cows and I loved this time of year. The little ones are so cute and of course I would name every one of them. Unfortunately, every year I would have to name one of the steers, “Supper”. I guess that is just part of being a farmer.

That was part of our lives growing up and I guess a part of that stuck with me as I grew to adulthood. Momma Said, “Grow your own food and you will never go hungry.” I try to have a garden each year and put up as much food as I can. At least that way I know where it came from.

It won’t be long before I will be able to get my garden ready for this year. I am getting a load of organic fertilizer (horse manure) and soon will till it into the soil for a greener garden. Momma Said, “It seems a little weird that to make a healthy garden, you add p…p to it.” But it works and that is all that counts.

I will be waiting for the first green beans and a good juicy tomato. But, first things first, it is time to head to the woods to dig some ramps. I will dry some for my brother, and get some for my older sister and brothers-in-law. My other sister and I are the smart ones because we don’t eat the stinky things.

But on second thought I guess all the others are the smart ones, because I am the one doing all the work. Oh well, if mom were here, she would be doing the same thing. I am the only one left in the family that can climb the mountain to get them, so I will carry on the tradition for mom and let everyone else enjoy the fruits of the mountains of West Virginia.