Momma Said


By Teri Cayton
The Parsons Advocate

I don’t think I have seen a winter like this in, well forever.  We are having nightly temperatures in the teens and daytime temps in the 60’s and 70’s.  It was not like that when I was a kid.  We had winter from the first of October clear through March.  It was a defined time and it did not deviate. When winter came it was here to stay.

We had icicles hanging from the roof clear to the ground.  It was our job to keep them broken off so they would not damage the roof.  It was a great time too because we would use that ice to make homemade ice cream.  We would take turns on that churn crank until we thought our arms would fall off.  Momma Said, “A good way to keep bored kids busy.”

I don’t know how long it has been since I had homemade ice cream.  The closest I have found is Blue Bunny Homemade Vanilla.  It is really close but not quite as good.  Homemade is a lot of work and it has a lot of cream, sugar and eggs in it, so if you are on a diet it is not for you.  But sometimes you just have to say “What it Heck” and go for it.  Momma Said, “Swing for the fence.”

I guess we go from homemade ice cream to snow cones to slushies.  If the weather keeps up these crazy patterns the only icicle you will see will be a plastic one on a Christmas tree.  I can’t remember when it even stayed cold long enough to freeze the ground.  It will be the rise of insects and they will take over the world.  It will be the smallest thing that takes us all down.  Look at what the lowly mosquito has been able to accomplish lately.  Momma Said, “Never overlook the smallest thing, because it will be what bites us in the butt!”


  • Use Aluminum Foil to clean rust off metal tools or other metal objects (it’s perfect for rust removal on the legs of your outdoor furniture for example). Just take a sheet off the roll, scrunch it up and rub the rust spots and stains with the ball. This is ideal if you’ve got some rust spots on your metal tools.
  • You can even replace a missing battery with Aluminum Foil – this is really handy if you’ve got one battery still working. Replace the tired one with a piece of foil folded up firmly to the same size of the battery. This takes just a few minutes and will save you dollars as well as the inconvenience of having to pop to the store to get a replacement battery.
  • Turn an ordinary frying pan into a nonstick pan quickly and easily – no more burnt on hard to clean off bits, particularly when you’re frying eggs. Press a piece of foil firmly into the pan and fold edges over carefully to fit – then just crack your eggs on top of the foil and lift out with the foil to slide onto your plate.
  • Avoid scratches on your wooden floor when you’re moving furniture by simply placing a piece of foil under the feet of the furniture. It will slide smoothly and no scratches!
  • Next time you are painting, cover your door knobs and handles with Aluminum Foil. Simply wrap around and the aluminum will mold to the shape. This is a truly brilliant idea, don’t you think?
  • While we’re on the subject of Painting, here’s the ultimate painting trick that will prevent lots of mess! Just cover your paint tray with foil and when it’s time to clean up, just remove the foil and toss in the trash. This will come in very handy.