Magistrate News


The following citations have been recorded in the Tucker County Magistrate office:


Jessica E. Bowers, Morgantown, was cited for no insurance and driving suspended by Cpl. J.R. Wince.  Both charges were dismissed.

Jessica E. Bowers, Morgantown, was cited for failure to report crash and leaving the scene by Cpl. B.T. Zirk.  Both charges were dismissed.

Delbert D. Fisher, Jr., Burnsville, was cited for no seatbelt by TFC J.J. Schmidle.  He pled no contest and was assessed fines of $25.

Mitchel E. Bernstein, Pine Brook, NJ was cited for speeding (29-25) by Trooper C.R. Donelson.  He pled no contest and was assessed fines of $4.75 and court cost of $175.25.

Cody Uhi, Provo, Utah, was cited for speeding (70-65) by Cpl.
J.R. Wince.  He pled no contest and was assessed fines of $4.75 and court cost of $175.25.

The following criminal complaints have been filed in the Tucker County Magistrate Court:


Casey Elaine Smallwood, Montrose, was charged with Battery.  According to the complaint on Wednesday, Oct. 2 the accused, Casey Smallwood, got into a verbal altercation with the victim, Kelly Pennington, at the All Star in Hambleton,  The two exchanged verbal insults before the accused allegedly approached the victim aggressively and “chest bumped” her in an attempt to draw her into a physical altercation.  On Thursday, Oct. 3 Wince spoke with the accused at her residence.  She admitted to him that she did “chest bump” the victim because she was angry at what the victim had said to her and that she was trying to leave the store and the victim would not get out of her way.  The victim was not injured in the altercation.  Smallwood posted a $500 PR bond.

Eliza Hope White, Clarksburg, was charged with DUI.  The complaint states that on Thursday, Sept. 26 Deputy D.A. Sliwinski was dispatched to a one vehicle accident outside of Davis. Upon arrival he approached a female who identified as the driver of the vehicle.  Upon speaking with her he noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage.  He asked her if she had been drinking and she reported having two sips of beer. Sliwinski administered three sobriety field tests and all were failed.  A portable breathalyzer test was administered which indicted the presence of alcohol.  She was arrested and transported to Parsons City Police Department for booking a secondary testing.  Consent was given by her to submit to a secondary chemical test.  A secondary breath test resulted in a BAC of .114.  She was taken before Tucker County Magistrate Riley H. Barb and she then posted a property/surety bond of $500.